Big Data Technical Solutions


Housing & Protecting your Information

ICT Infrastructure

Is your IT infrastructure capable to handle the changing pace of business demands? Is it flexible to handle complex IT operations on different technologies so as to deliver operational excellence and meet your business objectives? In today’s cut-throat competition, performance and scalability are the key words to maximize your ROI and achieve continual business growth. And to do this every organization must have the best Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure to simplify administrative and management tasks and improve IT operations. Big Data offers end-to-end comprehensive ICT infrastructure services to meet all your business needs.


With the growth of the internet and the increase in the number of connected devices and services the concern over data protection from an endless list of security breaches. Security solutions are continuously being developed as well as hackers skills and technics keep evolving. Their objectives are primarily focused around disrupting service for clients, companies, entities or organizations that they don’t agree with for various reasons, commercial, personal, political etc… .

Data Center

IT operations are a crucial aspect of most organizational operations around the world. The main concern is business continuity and the real question is: what is the cost of downtime? What’s the business impact if my services are not available?
Each organisation has its own datacentre requirements from different aspects: availability, security, scalability, energy efficiency… We at BigData, we work together with our customers to identify these requirements and refine them to achieve what’s best for their business.

IT Consulting, Solutions & Services

Equipped with next-generation technological capabilities and several years of industry experience, Big Data provides customised IT consulting, solutions and services to customers from different industry verticals. Our teams collaborate with the clients to understand their business needs and fill the gaps in their software development and delivery processes. From planning, resource optimization, execution to implementation and support services like training and maintenance, we provide end-to-end solutions and services. We have the latest tools and methodologies that help us deliver innovative solutions which meet the changing business requirements of our clients.